Mike Murray finds “A Gem of a VILS School” in Southeast Los Angeles

Mike Murray finds “A Gem of a VILS School” in Southeast Los Angeles

Making an Impact at the Verizon Innovative Learning School In Los Angeles

When Mike Murray attended a one day volunteer training class at Niemes Elementary School of Science and Technology in Artesia, Calif., he had no idea what to expect.

He was impressed with the level of technology of the students and the commitment of the staff; so impressed, he immediately agreed to volunteer at the Parent iPad event and Literacy Day.  As he toured the 5th-grade class using iPads he said he was “blown away” by the student’s PowerPoint presentations and technology savvy. 

Meg Jimenez, the principal at Niemes Elementary, is thankful for volunteers like Mike.

“Niemes Elementary has had the pleasure of having Mike Murray as both a volunteer and supporter of our endeavors towards integrating technology into our curriculum,” Jimenez said. “He was instrumental in helping us attain the Verizon Innovative Learning School Award & Grant. He has attended our Parent iPad Training Nights, and served as a guest reader for our Literacy Day.”

Mike’s involvement earned him a new title and responsibility: Principal for a Day – an experience he truly enjoyed, along with playing basketball with about 30 5th graders at lunchtime.

“I got pulled into the Principal’s office to get back on track,” Mike said. “I wanted to stay out on the court all day with those kids.”

This month Murray plans to take his manager on a tour of the school and plans to personally fund a scholarship for a student to go to college.

As Principal for a Day, Mike was able to see the sparkle in student’s eyes as they proudly “taught” him how they use iPads for learning.  Students loved playing basketball with him on the playground, and the staff was inspired by his positive words about how Niemes is making an impact on learning and the students’ future educational ventures. 


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